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British artist Chris Robb is a talented and self taught artist born in Gibraltar to an English father and an Irish mother. She went to university studying Business in both Leeds and Edinburgh. She and her family moved to Dubai in the 2005. “A country where the sun seems to shine every day, full of cultural, architectural and artistic diversity, Dubai presented a perfect source of inspiration for a new chapter in my artistic journey.” Says Chris who found her calling in art. It was from well established and respected Dutch artist Marianne Y.
Naerebout who was showing in Dubai in 2009 that Chris got her inspiration. Naerebouts’ use of colour captivated Chris and she began her own art journey into colour, capturing scenes from her surroundings in Dubai and the UAE. Whether it be the desert, palm trees, the awe inspiring buildings, mosques, dhows, camels, plants or people; the opportunities for inspiration seemed endless. This lively and colourfult artist embarked on her journey to pay homage to her surroundings and wonderful life in the UAE and beyond through her art. “My use of colour reflects not only my mood and general demeanor, but my appreciation for the wonderful experiences and life I have in the UAE. Each piece is hand drawn, my pigments mostly hand mixed to achieve the depth and vibrancy that is so important to me. My paintings are a celebration; they are a manifestation of positivity and happiness. As I journey through each one, I do so with a smile on my face, I hope my art has the same uplifting effect on those who view them.” says Chris Robb with a smile.