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My Homeland is a beautiful collection of abstract landscapes by successful Iranian painter Shahrzad Ossouli. This worth seeing collection presents amazing color combinations representing memories from her country. Her canvases, achieved through a mixed technique of oil and acrylics, are full of peace and eternal feelings. Ossouli´s work has been labeled as ‘mystic landscapes’. One explanation of her paintings may be that she captures the ambiance of the scene as well as the spiritually purified state of being arrived at by the mystic wayfarer. Many of her paintings consist of a vast mountain range or desert and a single tree. This symbolizes the interdependent, yet paradoxical, relationship in Persian Sufism between the microcosm and the macrocosm; the self and the absolute. However, Ossouli’s paintings do not exhibit the powerful ecstatic character of Sufism practice. She conveys a darker and melancholic eschatology in her paintings and her themes are closer the idea of para-realism, i.e., a subjective reality corresponding with one’s encounter with the empirical world yet distinct and without any necessary causal relation.