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Antonio Veronese, is considered one of the great Latin American living painters, with 64
individual exhibitions in Brazil, Chile, United States, Canada, Switzerland, France,
Japan and Portugal.

Come experience for the first time in Dubai 6 of his famous works as he portrays life with
all its violence and beauty. A giant of Contemporary art comes to Dubai as the finest
collectors, contemporary art experts & travellers passing through all gather to see his work.

Veronese is the author of Famine at FAO in Rome, Save the Children, the United Nations;
Just Kids, a symbol of UNICEF, A Margin, at the University of Geneva, Switzerland; Walk
(Tensão no Campo) installed in the Parliament in Brazil.

He is well known and well respected (by the likes of Hilary Clinton & many more)
He is a strong man who is not afraid to speak his mind and stand up for what he believes.

He received from the Commission on Human Rights at the United Nations, the highest
honor from the Supreme Court of Justice of Brazil marked "Honoris Causa" The
internationally famed Brazilian artist lives and works in Barbizon, France.
He has successfully exhibited in several countries,including Brazil, United States,
Switzerland and France. There is much to be learnt from this great artist who is true to his
beliefs and expresses himself best through his faces. Each face a story,
each story a reality that leaves you speechless.