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Farid Mohammed Al Rais was interested and enjoyed art and sketching from a very early age. He has always believed in the fact that practice makes perfect and continues to research and develop his own skill. According to him talent if nurtured can be self developed and with perseverance and hard work he continues to develop as an artist.

It was the encouragement and guidance of his father that motivated Farid to become an active artist. Farid would imitate his father’s complicated sketches in 3 dimensions and even today welcomes his father’s opinion, comments and advice on his art works.

In school and outside Farid took part in competitions representing his school and his success and awards further enhanced his desire to create art.

While at university Farid gave up painting for five years and it was in 2006 that his mother made him realise his dream and resume his love and passion for art. With hard work and practice in new forms, styles and expressions a mature artist began to emerge.

Farid has benefited from the expertise, advice and mentoring of two professional artists namely Abdul Qader Al Rais and Mattar Bin Lahej whom he has great respect for.

He does not want his art to be classified as belonging to any individual school and prefers the freedom to create without any boundaries. He feels art is a universal language and sends out to all a message through his art.

Farid is a young enthusiastic and ambitious UAE national who believes nothing is impossible and strives to make a difference through the messages in his art.

Farids paintings depict realism and this is his preferred style. He likes to tell a story or share memorable moments through his art. He often depicts scenes that highlight his heritage in an effort to preserve his culture and leave his contribution through his art for future generations to benefit from.

His medium is watercolours, which at first was a challenge but with hard work and practice he has grown very comfortable with his medium of choice.

One of Farids favourite themes is hands. He sends out various messages through his depiction of hands in different forms and colours that often leave the viewer thinking.

Farid takes over a month to complete one painting as he pays a lot of attention to detail and always likes to give his best to every piece of work that he does.

In his personal statement Farid refers to art as the most expressive language not bound by time, place or society. Young or old, from the East or from the West – art is a language understood by all. He feels art can express his feelings, emotions and honesty in a way no words can.

Farid talks about art being to him a never ending creative process that when delivered with honesty and sincerity only gets better and leads to endless creative potential. Farid prefers to work in a more realistic and traditional way and in his opinion that is what a true artist is all about.