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Lionel Guibout was born in Issy les Moulineaux, France in 1959. Creating art from the
age of 14 he is a visual artist who studied at the School of Fine Arts in Paris and in 1978
took to abstraction for several years. This resulted in “The Anthropocages” the subject of
his first solo show in Paris in 1983.

Soon after Lionel took a break from art and through study of the poet Hesiod’s Theogony
and Greek Philosophy he tried to rediscover himself. Following this it was as if he had
an epiphany and was re-born into the great artist he is today.The artist studied and
researched and gave his all to every project he worked on. Worthy of note are his Giants
that he elaborated through the Têtabras (head & arms) series many done in charcoal
and pastels on paper. In this phase of work as well as Dislocations of Gyges, Briaree
and Cottos he follows the great Fresco masters of the Renaissance and works with
dedication on Mythological Historical themes. He also works in different mixed media
oil sticks, collage etc on paper and canvas.His next cycle is indepth research on Forests
which is still in progress.

His biggest project was “The Raft of the Medusa”, based on the wreck of the frigate
“Medusa” in 1816 off the coast of Africa. Lionel Guibout turned the tragic story of the wreck
into a myth through his 21- preparatory drawings, 11-large paintings, 40 lithographs
and seven bronze sculptures.

Lionel Guibout’s works are in public collections, Museums, foundations and some have sold
through auction houses like Christies. An artist definitely worthy of note.