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B'LU Artist B’lu defies boundaries, definitions and the very mediums she chooses to breathe in. No stroke can describe her and no hue can confine her. At best she is a li’l crazy, a lot bubbly and far more a compulsive visionary. That’s B'lu aka Archana RD. As a student she read Van Gogh, Charlie Chaplin and the likes and painted/sculpted alongside greats such as MF Hussain, Ranga and Ray Meeker. At 13 she exhibited for the first time and has so far showcased at 24 venues and held several solos in London, Mumbai, New Delhi, Dubai, Kochi, Abu Dhabi. A multi-faceted personality, B'lu has won awards in photography, applied arts and creative writing. B'lu reminiscences, ‘Each person and place and every single experience since my childhood influence my work.’ Today, a full-time artist when she is not nurturing her effervescent art attacks - which has already exploited oil, acrylic, mixed medium, coffee, charcoal and new media – she is passionately tutoring children. Note: Artist B’lu & Artist Ashvin are exhibiting individually as well as together in their series “Arabian Roots”