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“GREEN ART” by a Group of International Artists
15 Mar 2014 - 15 Apr 2014
Art Couture Exhibition “GREEN ART”
Dates: March 15- April 15, 2014. Viewing 10am -10pm
Venue:Art Couture in the Al Badia Golf Club, InterContinental, Dubai Festival City

All through the celebration of the UAE Green Festival from the 15th of March to the
15th of April Art Couture shows its support in an exhibition of mostly Contemporary Green
related canvases. The gallery makes a statement through the beauty of nature and benefits
of it’s preservation bringing to the forefront creative art that emphasizes awareness
and concern with ecology, nature and environmental issues.
Artists come together to build awareness and reflect on the changes in our world.
Together through art we make a difference that counts, sustains and improves our

The medium is varied from oils to water based paints and inks with artists encouraged to
think about the materials they are using and look into using environmentally friendly
material in the future. Tips on reusing, and painting over unfinished and
unwanted canvases giving them new life, and, the sharing of ideas and ways of
reducing the carbon footprint in the smallest to the biggest ways possible is the aim.
New ways of including into the artworks waste materials in innovative and aesthetically
artistic ways are discovered and experimented with promoting sensitivity to
ecological content and consequences. This is the artists and gallery way of getting involved
and doing something concrete in preserving the environment and promoting awareness
through Art. If we all just do a little bit a whole lot gets achieved naturally and effortlessly
with benefits that can make a big difference. To a greener tomorrow……… from Art Couture.

Established and Upcoming artists alike come together through this exhibition
with their very own innovative and creative Green Art themes in a common cause
“ awareness” The idea is to cover the walls in canvases that make you reflect, enjoy
and think green. The time to respect our world and reuse, rebuild and renew is now
and building that awareness is the aim of this exhibition at Art Couture.

Participating artists: Ashvin, B'lu, Maja Poljak, Yousif Al Ali & Reta

B’lu (India)
B’lu defies boundaries, definitions and the very mediums she chooses to breathe in.
No stroke can describe her and no hue can confine her. At best she is a li’l crazy,
a lot bubbly and far more a compulsive visionary. That’s B'lu aka Archana RD.
As a school-going student she read Van Gogh, Charlie Chaplin and the likes and
painted/sculpted alongside greats such as MF Hussain, Ranga and Ray Meeker.
At 13 she exhibited for the first time and has so far showcased at 24 venues
and held several solos in London, Mumbai, New Delhi, Dubai, Kochi, Abu Dhabi.

A multi-faceted personality, B'lu has won awards in photography, applied arts and
creative writing. B'lu reminiscences, ‘Each person and place and every single experience
since my childhood influence my work.’
Today, a full-time artist when she is not nurturing her effervescent art attacks - which has
already exploited oil, acrylic, mixed medium, coffee, charcoal and new media –
she is passionately tutoring children.

Note: Artist B’lu & Artist Ashvin are exhibiting individually as well as together in their
series “Arabian Roots”

Ashvin (India)
Dr Ashwin Pillai, a general medical practitioner based in Abu Dhabi, is a popular face in
the art scenario of the UAE. He is not only your regular doctor but also an established
abstract artist as well as a certified pranic healer whose clientele stretches across the UAE.

One may think how a doctor finds time to fit into so many things at once.
His answer is inspiring:- “I am honestly happy being a busy bee… am gladly busy
spreading this infectious epidemic called happiness with the help of my friends
and supporters who love what I do.”

An autodidact artist, Ashvin believes in optimizing the harmony indices of one’s life
by continuously learning and adapting to the new world.
He is a part of an international parallel education organization Connect Asia Network (CAN)
that bridges art and education through workshops on creative visualization for youngsters.
He also conducts free meditation and yoga sessions to help participants achieve their
mind-body balance. Calling upon health and art beyond their cosmetic appeal,
Ashvin says they must become our way of life.
He believes that art empowers every little aspect of your life by making it more meaningful
than it is otherwise. “Embrace art and health to set you free.”

Note: Artist B’lu & Artist Ashvin are exhibiting individually as well as together
in their series “Arabian Roots”

Maja Poljak(Serbia)
Maja is a Serbian artist who majored and graduated from
the Faculty of fine arts, Academy of Belgrade in 2004.
Deeply influenced by the war in Serbia the artist withdrew herself from the world
and through her Burdock collection and it’s symbolic representation of herself that she
has grown and continues to bloom as an artist and as a person.
Maja has a strong bond with nature as it takes her back to the memories of the village
where she lived as a child. It is here that her love for the Burdock was formed.
This unnoticed wayside flower became a representation of herself not only on the inside
which was on the defensive towards the outside but developed a dialogue with the world
outside emphasizing a much bigger meaning. It has become a symbol and signature
that she uses in almost every painting as it is in this flower that the artist draws her
inspiration and determination to make a difference through her art.
She has made the insignificant flower the focus of almost all her art making it
impossible for it to go unnoticed leaving a subtle message to us all that needs no narrative.

Yousif AlAli (UAE)
Yousif AlAli is an upcoming Emarati photographer who has a passion for nature and
photography and combining the two creates pictures that talk through their silence.
He is continuously learning experimenting and joining photogpraphy courses improving his style and strenghth as a photographer, to be taken seriously.
His expertise on wild-life & underwater photography is to be noted.
He has and continues to take part in many local photography competitions and has won
many prizes and is a member of the well known UAE goodwill photographers
that are a very active group in the UAE.

Reta (Canada)
Founder of Art Couture and an artist from childhood Reta has an undying love for art.
No one style binds her so be ready to see new and creative themes, techniques and
subject matter with every exhibition. Always on display at Art Couture are some pieces
of her work from different collections highlighting the versatility of the artist
who allows herself the complete freedom to just be.