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“UAE-CONTRAST OF TIME” by a UAE Goodwill Photographers
3 Dec 2013 - 27 Jan 2014
“UAE-CONTRAST OF TIME” (End date has been extended)
Art Couture's December exhibition brings you a group of the most creative and dedicated
UAE GOODWILL PHOTOGRAPHER members who come together
to create both separate shots and photo series depicting the changes one witnesses
living in the UAE. Colorful photos share not just the culture
and unique flavor of the country but also serve as gates to every time frame.
Their innovative photographs highlight the transformation
of the UAE and the metamorphosis it went through
to become iconic yet still reflecting traditions of the past.
They give us an insight to changes seen in the Emarati culture,
architecture as well as everyday encounters.

They stand for "Photography for a Greater Good"
They are a group of dedicated photographers who
use their skills to contribute to the community by raising awareness
about various social issues, educating and organizing social and art related events.
UAE Goodwill Photographers was founded by Slava Noor
and has successfully launched photo projects and exhibitions
and covered some of the most important volunteer events in the UAE.
It unites photography lovers bringing them together
to address important issues, help local charities
and volunteer organizations for the better good of the UAE community.