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“ART FOR SYRIA” by a A Group of Syrian Artists
10 Sep 2013 - 30 Sep 2013
ART FOR SYRIA – By 3 Syrian Artists-Basem Al Sayer, Hassan Edalbi & Mohamad Yousef Dayoub.

Each with his own style of art, each with his own story to tell & each seeking solace and peace through art.

NOTE: Art Couture Sept Exhibition “Calligraphy Alive”- by Tom Venning was cancelled.

Basem Al Sayer:
Born in 1961 in Syria. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Damascus University.
Basem is a very active artist, member of the Emirates Art Association, supervisor in
Rewar Al Sharjah and has taught art in numerous schools and colleges.
He has had many solo and group exhibitions in and outside the UAE.

Basem explains that when he draws and paints he loses himself in his work.
Reality & imagination, conscious & subconscious all come together in a multitude
of little abstract figure forms engaged in numerous different activities.
He reminisces scenes of community living in his hometown in Syria and hopes
to go back to peaceful times again.
Basem likes the earth tones mixed with reds and oranges and works in Acrylics and mixed media.
He also enjoys creating sculptures in unusual mediums with stories behind them like Urnina & Darezan
that show off his innovative side.

Hassan Edalbi:
Hassan Edalbi was born in 1963 in Aleppo – Syria.
He did his fine art studies in the University of Damascus and also has a degree in Publicity.
Over the years Hassan has worked with a variety of Lebanese and Arab Press companies
and been connected with a number of reputable magazines and newspapers.
He is known in the Arab world for his caricatures but he has also developed
his very own style of figure painting which he exhibits in this show.
In his paintings the figures take on the basic cartoon characteristic of large heads
and little bodies yet are quite unique and totally different from his caricature work.

Hassan says he needs to be among people to be happy which is why almost all of his paintings
have more than one figure and most times more than two.
He enjoys both water colours and acrylics. While the water colours he works on
completing them in one session, sometimes using the wet on wet technique.
The acrylics take him a little longer. Some figure paintings have definite lines while others
have a smudged paint effect to them. He continues to experiment and create in different ways.

Hassan explains how he has no idea what the end result of his paintings will be when he starts them.
The colours too come from within.
He says the viewer completes his painting and this is where he gets complete satisfaction.

Mohamad Yousef Dayoub is a Syrian artist born in 1960 in Hama. He graduated with a BFA
from the University of Damascus specializing in visual media.
Dayoub is a member of many art groups in Syria and the UAE and is presently based in
the Emirates Art Society in Sharjah. He has actively participated in a large number of group exhibitions
from 1983 till the present. Notably this Syrian artist’s work has been displayed in 3 successive
editions of the Sharjah International Biennial- 1997- 1999 and 2001.

Internationally too he has participated in the International Biennial of Tehran, and in group exhibitions
in France and Egypt.

He also has a number of solo exhibitions to his name in his home country Syria.
Besides his art he has also written many critical essays and in the realm of film
has directed a host of short films like Colours of the UAE and Flying Carpet to name a few.

When asked why he chooses houses as his subject matter he talks about the Syrian town of Ma’loula
on which his collection of art for this exhibition is based.
It is a town 56km to the northeast of Damascus and built into the rugged mountainside.
A favourite of many an artist like Dayoub.

This is a place which is much visited by Christains and Muslims alike who come for blessings here
as there are many stories about Ma’loula and it’s name which means entrance. The many houses with their
colourful walls & windows are very interesting.
He paints the houses in Acrylics and in hues of sand and henna mixed with powdered colours.
He also uses mixed media to give the rough relief texture of walls. He has devoted his life to trying to find
a connection and relation ship between man and these cities flowing out of the mountains.
He uses all kinds of mixed media like wood and cloth etc in his art process and achieves
noteworthy success.

He also paints the human form in various different techniques and styles and gives lectures
on art and has helped many through his teaching and his art.