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“CAPTIVATING CALLIGRAPHY” by a A Group of Pakistani Artists
1 Aug 2013 - 20 Aug 2013
Exhibition: CAPTIVATING CALLIGRAPHY (2 Galleries 1 Exhibition)

Art Couture at Al Badia Golf Club
and Mussawir Art Gallery, Al Quoz
come together and announce a new and exciting
collaborative exhibition Titled ‘Captivating Calligraphy’,
Launching on August 1 until August 20,2013
at Art Couture in the Al Badia Golf Club.
The exhibition celebrates the calligraphy of
four well-known and emerging artists.

Ahmed Khan - Pakistan

Born in 1938, Ahmed Khan is thought of as one of Pakistan’s greatest living calligraphy artists.
His works have sold internationally and in the world’s main auction houses.
His unique process involves overlaying calligraphic designs. He uses gold and silver leaf on board
and then cleverly administers chemicals to turn them into bright, vibrant colours.

Arif Khan – Pakistan

Arif Khan is a very well respected calligrapher in the Pakistan art market,
with his works demonstrating a perfect balance of design and painting skills.
A lecturer at Punjab University,
he creatively experiments with oil and watercolours on paper.
His process customarily involves subtractive techniques,
applying paint and then taking it away with various mark-making implements.
The result is beautifully spontaneous calligraphy.

Bin Qullander – Pakistan

Born in 1980 and based in Lahore,
Pakistan’s Tahir Bin Qullander steers away from the traditional form of calligraphy,
using bold strokes and presenting his artworks in contemporary graphic compositions.
Bin Qullander describes his art as ‘art for art’s sake’.

Noreen Akhtar – Pakistan

One of Mussawir’s youngest artists, Noreen Akhtar,
uses paper cutting, embossing and ink to great effect,
creating precise graphic and contemporary calligraphic pieces.
Her inspiration comes directly from Arabic, the language of the Holy Quran
and the Prophet Muhammad PBUH.