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“BUTTERFLIES & BLOOMS” by a Cynthia 'Reta' Richards
15 May 2012 - 30 Jun 2012

Running all through May until the end of June, art lovers are encouraged and invited to view the gallery collection of Butterflies and Blooms - a solo exhibition by Canadian artist Reta Richards at Art Couture at Al Badia Golf Club.

“A flower is relatively small…Still in a way-nobody sees a flower-so I said to myself- I’ll paint it big.” Georgio O’Keefe Paying homage to one of the greatest female artist of the 20th century - Georgia O Keefe who revolutionized the tradition of flower painting in the 1920’s Reta too has created larger than life Blooms and has added to this collection by choice exquisite and rare, big Butterflies that also cover entire canvases. Except for the subject matter ie. Flowers and their greatly exaggerated size the rest remains individualistic to each artist. Reta’s flowers and butterflies lean towards representational and less realistic while loaded with colour, splashed and dribbled all over the canvas so as to enhance the experience and joy of being in the presence of these divine creations. This summer collection aims to leave it’s impact by engaging the audience interaction with each art piece, while remaining refreshing, lively and fun.

The medium used by the artist are inks, acrylics and mixed media with some pieces accented with 18ct gold leaf a tribute to the Middle East. The textures and blurs lay emphasis on the trials and tribulations that we all go through in life. Unlike the butterfly and the bloom that have a short defined lifespan, the artist brings to the viewer a new perspective on life through the symbolism of the theme by emphasizing the fact that man has choices and can dwell on mishaps or get up and keep going and stay energized and beautiful like a flower in bloom or a beautiful butterfly- a symbol of change and renewal.

Some of the artist’s favourite quotes that keep her painting Butterflies and Blooms:

Butterflies are self propelled flowers-R.H. Heinlein

Flowers and butterflies drift in colour, illuminating spring- Author Unknown

Where flowers bloom so does hope- Lady Bird Johnson

Earth laughs in flowers- Henry David Thoreau