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“An appreciation of Women in Art @ Art Couture” by a Group of International Artists
2 May 2011 - 28 Jun 2011
THE HAALAH COLLECTION by UK Artist- Shazeaa Ingar

Shazeaa Ingar from the UK is a UAE based contemporary artist. She is self taught and has been painting for over 7 years.
Her inspiration comes from the Holy Scriptures of the Quran, her beliefs in God and being a psychologist, theories of the mind and human behaviour. The artist believes that the human mind is in a constant struggle to maintain a balance between spiritual inclination and the pressures of society, though, through these conflicts god is ever present. This is portrayed in all her works.
Her fascination of Islamic calligraphy comes from the beauty of the Arabic language, and the ancient scripts of the Quran leaves, which were written in various types of calligraphic styles from Kufic to Maghribi, all of which inspire her work.
Ingar’s artworks are dominated by a love for colour, she incorporates the richness of colours with a magnitude of depth. She works with bright and vibrant colours, merging them together with unique subtlety.
Her most recent artworks explore the feelings of guilt, confusion and wanting between religion and materialism, something she believes most people with faith will experience.
Art by Ingar is intended to move the mind and touch the soul. She believes that the message and beauty of Islam can be felt through the Universal appreciation of Art.

RHYTHM AND TRANQUILITY by Filipina Artist-Flordeliza Pesigan

From an early age, Flordeliza has always been fascinated by the affluent colours of nature, the beauty of the human body, the power of emotions, and was a keen observant of facial expressions. A combination of her fascinations and love of dancing help her celebrate the grace and movements of the human form through her pencil, paper, brush, palette knife and canvas.
Born in Manila where live artists are everywhere, being their constant audience and admirer helped in her ventures with different mediums from pencil, ink, charcoal, pastel, water colour, oil and acrylic. Having daily access to the 'National Museum' building where her parents worked and growing up surrounded by great paintings was indeed a true feast of visual experience. When reprimanded as a child, one thing that was constant to her was sneaking through the main gallery and finding solace with staring at the “'Spoliarium”, a masterpiece of the Philippine’s National Artist Juan Luna. The artist quotes "It was too intense to be described by a child but I always knew that art speaks to my soul and to be an artist was inculcated in my core."
Despite her passion, a city scholarship opportunity led her to take a Degree in Business Administration, her other interest. It was only in late 2007 while supervising a weekly event in Dubai that she was inspired with the other artists exhibiting their paintings, and got the urge to start showing her work too. Since then, her art pieces have adorned walls of homes in Dubai and other parts of the world. October 2009, after a trip to Berlin and Barcelona where she got immensely inspired as an artist, she auctioned her favourite artwork "La Vie En Rose – Street Performers in Barcelona" for the typhoon victims in the Philippines. The satisfaction she got reminded her of her true calling and helped her bid goodbye to the corporate world and start concentrating on her art.
As a self taught artist who has always used realism as her form of expression, she now continuously finds joy in experimenting with different styles and mediums gradually embracing abstraction to keep her subjects raw yet sincere intending to engage the viewers emotionally. Her mentors are her critics and her mistakes and she aims to give herself the freedom to continue evolving.
Artist statement/quote
"I believe I’ve only just started my journey and my subjects keep changing in parallel to my ever changing environment, experiences, people that influence my life, joys and pains, inspirations and desperations and my incessantly growing passions…my canvas is my diary…my art is me." . Flordeliza Pesigan

DUBAI-SCAPES by US Artist– Farah Khan
Farah Khan belongs to a family of artists and has been formally painting since six years.
Originally a banker and MBA teacher, she decided to get in touch with her art lineage by joining the Cincinnati Art Academy in 2006 She took formal courses in both acrylics and watercolours for a period of two years and was able to refine techniques, skills and develop her own style in both mediums.
Farah moved to Dubai in September 2008 from Cincinnati, Ohio. Most of her abstract work are in acrylics while she prefers watercolors for painting a variety of subjects including still life, landscapes and flowers. She has given presentations on “painting with watercolours” to members of several women associations and in art galleries in Dubai. These talks on introduction to watercolours have been very successful and well received. Farah also dedicates some of her time teaching classes on watercolors to adults. Her teaching gives her great satisfaction and enhances her skills as an artist and teacher.
During her stay in Dubai she wishes to capture “Dubai-scapes” through the delicacy and translucency afforded by watercolours. She is presently focusing on painting some of the local scenery as well as the architecture.
Artist statement/quote
I am most inspired by the local scenery when painting in watercolours. The sharp contrasts and contradictions in colour, the coexistence of the old with the new and the mesmerizing desert and sea landscape in Dubai never ceases to intrigue me…I endeavour to capture this inspiration in the beauty and enchanting translucency of an unforgiving medium. Farah Khan

Innocence by Dutch Photographer– Sandra Hermann
Dutch photographer Sandra Hermann visited Dubai for the first time in 1982 and today she lives and works in the UAE. A self taught photographer who takes great pride in her work and has been experimenting with photography for the last 30 years.
Hermann is known for her realistic style with a touch of her own humane personality reflected in each photograph.
Her most passionate subject is people she enjoys working with people from different countries, young and old. She has the knack of capturing the right moment to be enjoyed over and over again.
She specializes in lighting effects to create the mood in all her photographic shots.
Her nostalgic pictures are all indeed little poems, dreams, romances, fairy-tales all with a story to tell and a part of Hermann herself. She speaks through her pictures as they unfold her feelings and her world from the depths of her soul a warmth you can almost feel.
Her obsession and perseverance with photography and her own life experiences have given this passionate photographer a great eye for detail.
Her subjects go from celebrities to the simple child and landscapes to animals. For this exhibition we have focused on the innocence of children. Capturing them in their purest forms as they forget she is there the results are perfectly natural. Hermann’s strength lies in her peoples skills which enables her to captivate moments frozen in time. Her son is the subject closest to her heart and she has photographed him over and over again.
Artist quote
‘Photography allows me to immortalise beauty.’ Sandra Hermann

CALM DOWN by Canadian Artist– Cynthia Reta Richards
Canadian artist Cynthia ´Reta´ Richards presents a selection of artworks from her latest series in white called ‘Calm Down” This new body of work is an exploration of simple lines, shapes and textures and is inspired by her sudden attraction to the purity of white.
From pure white to subtle single colours on shades of white these works are based on eye imagery.