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8 Aug 2015 - 19 Sep 2015
About the exhibition:

Current exhibition has been extended to September 19,2015 due to popular demand.

This Art Couture & Capacity World Media collaborative exhibition presents a glimpse into the work of 5 artists & examines the elements of creativity with emphasis on personal memories.
3 Contemporary artists & 2 photographers in their artworks present from the realm of memory & imagination the personal relationship of their art to time, memory, history and creativity. They invite the viewers to share and enjoy their stories & past experiences, blended with imagination and innovation.
The individual artists explore the scope of memory, including personal elements, selecting some and blotting out others sifting through times of happiness and joy and sometimes blocking off the ones that maybe more private and painful. Memories are portrayed in varied media from photographic images of animals and people to portraiture & signature landscapes. Each artist through their medium of choice gives us a collection of their best recollections & experiences to view and question and come to our own conclusions on their art works.

Adel Rashid – Syria
Adel Rashid’s photography engages with his own experiences with animals namely the camel and relationships with people he photographs. He captures feelings in expressions and gestures.

Husain Al Salwan – Iraq
Husain Al Salwan’s art is all about the human face. From water colours to acrylics and oils he captures the face with the deepest of emotions reflected in the eyes. He is able to render emotion equally into the facial expressions in every medium he chooses.

Ibrahim Ghazala – Egypt
Ibrahim Ghazala influenced by the great masters of art has created a style of his own in his collection of landscapes & memories he treasures. Through a series of strokes he creates light and shadows and colourful detail in each piece in this series.

Imad Alaeddin –Syria
In photographic shadows against radiant skies, Imad Alaeddin shows off his striking photographic skills. His Photography of animals mainly the camel and the horse has a silent narrative that speaks to the viewer and is worthy of viewing.

Loai Salahedeen- Syria
In radiant tones and bright hues Loai Salahedeen reflects on images of the past with the use of a lot of rich gold in all his work. There is a lyrical flow to the series. He holds the viewer, drawing his attention to all the colourful details carefully harmonized on the canvas.