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4 Nov 2015 - 1 Dec 2015
This Art Couture & Capacity World Media collaborative exhibition revisits last years –The Eye of the Woman exhibition with an added unique twist. Five dynamic artists, all women, tell us their stories through their art. Balancing their careers and lives as women they multitask, prioritize, and sacrifice as a part of their daily lives. It is invigorating to hear all their fascinating stories an insight to these wonderful women. Each one special and unique they lead you through their world expressed in colour on their canvasses helping you experience, feel and live their complex stories of joy and sorrow, success & failure and much more. A truly fascinating journey you will enjoy. An exhibition by women for everyone.
1. Bana Safar-Syria
I paint what I feel humans are... sometimes as they are and sometimes as they should be. A believing artist is one who colors emotions and motivates imagination…says Bana Safar a strong and determined artist with a purpose. She has firm beliefs and uses her art & colours to highlight the feeling of freedom and achievement that she feels is the right of every woman.

2. Eva Ezzat- Syria
Hawaa Hassan Alasas( aka) Eva Ezzat was interested in painting and art from a very early age. She has participated in numerous art exhibitions and competitions. Her first exhibition at age seven has great importance in her life as it was opened by -Fateh Al Mudaris a well respected artist. Eva is not afraid to express her ideas & beliefs through her art. She uses a palette of many colours concentrating on the human body and a depth of emotions, giving her work an unusual twist.
She continues to participate in many group exhibitions and has received a lot of media and viewer curiosity and attention. She has been featured and interviewed by many Syrian newspapers & magazines.
3. Hind Chaouat - Morocco – Title- Moroccan Beauty
"Moroccan beauty" is an exhibition that represents the features & physical beauty of the Moroccan man and woman in this country of diversity. All the models chosen by the artist are 100% Moroccan. Each work a portrait of a Moroccan man or woman with a hint of fabric or material used in Morocco to make a caftan or traditional outfit.
"Through this exhibition, I wanted to contribute to oriental beauty through my vision of Moroccan Beauty" says Hind Chaouat
4. Majida Nasreddin-Lebanon
TITLE……”Soul Migration”…Black & White...
Majida Nasreddin showcases an impressive collection of Black & White images allowing the viewer to draw his own conclusion on the meaning of her art.
Note from the artist:
Black music rises
“The sea seems thunderous, craving a space of light.
I drown in darkness where life scribbles nostalgia on my soul.
I evoke many questions from my old notebooks.
I cross through ink as if it's my blood
I dive in it and beg its kindness with a soft dance on papers.
May be this will bring back the walls of my childhood and its tales.”
Says Majida with a strong sigh of nostalgia.
5. Maysa Mohammed-(Syria)
Sada or Echo Series- Dedicated & experienced artist Maysa is consumed by the effects of the war in Syria. This collection – Sada is a tribute to all those affected by the war.
Her artwork reflects on war-torn memories as they echo in the human spirit.
Maysa’s conventionally dark stories and occasionally bright ones portray strength, betrayal, loss and the looming smell of death & burning souls.
It truly is an insane world, full of the chaos and death says Maysa.
However, despite that pain, there is certainly room for life; stories of bravery, assembling the diaspora of the spirit.
It was these moments and these sentiments that drove Maysa to produce this meaningful and sad collection that forces one to reflect on the devastating effects of war on one and all.
The Art Couture & Capacity World Media collaborative exhibition - The Eye of the Woman 2015 opened with a blast on Nov 4, 2015 by well reputed Kuwaiti Sculptor – Mr. Sami Mohammad on his visit to Dubai. Sami is known for his bronze sculptures and is respected and represented internationally.
The echoing remark of the crowd during the evening was the diversity of the five artists’ styles – women with their personal individual stories and mediums, yet connecting with the audience and issues of today - A unique exhibition by Woman for Everyone.
There was the gallery signature walk through with each artist guiding guests through their work beginning with Majida Nasreddin’s Black & White series portraying intricate details and meaning; while the sad and heartbreaking eyes of Maysa Mohamad’s Sada (Echo) pulled at heart strings. Then we had a powerful message represented through a triptych by Eva Ezzat under the title - Tholasiet Al Karasi – symbolizing the power in the hands of authority and then concluded with Bana’s collection of expressive colours and symbols.
Unfortunately photography-artist Hind Chaouat was unable to be with us as she lives in Morocco, but her photographic images of the Moroccan man and woman made her presence felt by all.
The exhibition continues until Nov 30, 2015; opening hours are 10am-10pm daily
Note: Upcoming Events
-The 1st Art & Coffee morning on Nov 14, 2015; 11am-1pm
-Meet & Greet & Talk to the artists of the Eye of the Woman exhibition. This is an interactive coffee morning where the artists and guests get to share their opinions – fun art morning with meaning.
-The 2nd – Coffee morning this month – Nov 21, 2015 - 11am- 1pm - Ikebana with Vivian Torbey – an introductory talk and demo on the art of Ikebana.
The 3rd – An Art & Coffee Evening- Nov 28, 2015 from 7-9pm – this is once again a meet & greet with the artists of the current exhibition where artists and guests share their opinions. This one is for our working guests who can never make it to our coffee mornings so we hope to see you there.