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21 Jun 2015 - 30 Jul 2015
"RAMADAN" An Art Couture and Capacity World Media collaborative exhibition sponsored by New vision Eye Center. A captivating photography exhibition in black & white and colour. 4 Photographers- Khawla Ali Jaber (UAE) Mohammed Ahmed Ahli (UAE) & Julian John (UK)& Ahmed Rabie(Egypt)all living in the region have been sourced to bring you their creative photographs that reflect personal expressions in print an explanation of what Ramadan means to each one of them and the results very effective and educative giving one a better understanding of Ramadan. Each photographer showcases from 8-10artworks that highlight different aspects and scenes typical of the holy month. From the architectural grandeur of the mosques to the evening gathering (after a day of fasting) to share the Iftar meal, there is something for everyone to enjoy and learn from. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar considered the holiest month of the calendar as Allah sent to Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) the first verses of the Quran in this month. The holy month is essentially a celebration of God’s forgiveness and guiding light through the Holy Quran leading man towards the path of good in a month long spiritual soul searching journey. In gratitude for this guidance from God Muslims devote more time this month to fasting, praying and getting closer to Allah, doing good, helping and giving to the less fortunate, exercising self discipline and making many other sacrifices. They repent and seek God’s forgiveness and share this blessing with family & friends. It is believed that the rewards for good deeds are multiplied in the holy month.