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17 Sep 2016 - 3 Oct 2016
Art Couture gallery / Capacity World Media - news for September -2016 WOMEN IN CALLIGRAPHY
An all Emirati exhibition by 11 Women Calligraphers & 1 Master Calligrapher
Exhibition RSVP Opening Event- September 17, 2016 - 7:30- 9:30pm. Last day of Exhibition - October 3, 2016.
Daily Free Viewing 10am -10pm Venue: Art Couture at Al Badia Golf Club, InterContinental, Dubai Festival City, Dubai UAE. Tee Lounge (In the Golf Club)
About the exhibition: WOMEN IN CALLIGRAPHY - An all Emirati exhibition by 11 Women Calligraphers & 1 Master Calligrapher as they strive to keep the ancient tradition of Arabic Calligraphy alive. Members of the Emirates Society of Arabic Calligraphy and Islamic Ornamentation and the Chairman Khalid Ai Al Jallaf share with us their experiences in learning and teaching this unique form of Art. Members are taught the history and art of Arabic Calligraphy in Islamic and Arab cultures and countries from its beginning through its progression and get exposed as well to the present more contemporary styles in the process.
They study from the basics of calligraphy lines to the methods, techniques, materials, proportions, colours, implementation, ornamentation and all the other many details that go with this complex form of art. They are taught discipline, constant perseverance and that only practice, practice and more practice can make you perfect. It takes years and years of hard work but the results are extremely rewarding.
There is great importance and status given to the Arabic language and in turn to Arabic calligraphy within Islamic cultures as it was the language in which the Quran was made known to Prophet Muhammad in the 7th century. However, not all Arabic Calligraphy is religious in nature. Today some continue to learn the art as a means of religious expression, others solely as an art form and still others express their deepest innermost feelings and thoughts through it. Even those who do not understand the language are often attracted to the aesthetic nature and beauty of the different varied scripts.
Khalid Ali Al Jallaf is a self taught Emirati artist / teacher and Calligrapher, well respected by the community and known locally and internationally for his great Calligraphic achievements. This did not come over night but through extreme discipline, dedication and hard work. He has reached a level of expertise recognized enough by the authorities to gain him the esteemed position of chairman of the Emirates Arabic Calligraphy Society. Today Khalid is the inspiration for members of the Calligraphy society. He continues in his mission to teach and enlighten his members while constantly learning and improving his own skills on the way. He also represents the UAE on projects and exhibitions on an international level.
The Women Calligraphers taking part in this exhibition are mostly members of the Emirates Arabic Calligraphy Society: Fatima Althanhani, Fatima Juri, Thuraya Ibrahim, Shikha Mahboob, Fatima Salim, Nada Al Maazmi, Maryam Ali Al Farsi, Eman Bashir Al Muhairi, Aisha Al Hasani and Zainab Mohammed Ali. All these women have their own personal reasons for learning this art but the common thread that binds them together is a shared deep passion for Arabic calligraphy, a keen willingness to learn and desire to move to the next stage and beyond. Most of the members are self taught but with the sincerity, guidance and discipline of their teachers at the Emirates Arabic Calligraphy Society they are well on their way from success to success.
The Calligraphers exhibiting will be present at the opening event where they will talk you through their exhibition with live demonstrations of their Calligraphy skills.