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Art for All by a Group of International Artists
2 May 2010 - 24 Jun 2010
“Art For All” is a unique exhibition that features the individual talents of a group of international artists from around the world.

Running from May until June, Art For All will be showcased at Art Couture gallery where the spotlight will once again be shone brightly on the UAE's artsitic talents, while also showcasing international influences.

"There are so many talented artists out there waiting to be discovered; so many creatives who haven't yet been recognized. The collections we've chosen fit a niche for art lovers by offering quality pieces at reasonable prices," says Gallerist and Art Couture owner Cynthia Richards.

Noticing the need to cater to art lovers of all incomes, Art Couture is introducing Art For All - an exhibition of great art for everyone. Rotating its artists bimonthly, Art Couture reaches across the globe to bring to the UAE collections that reflect a diversity of cultures and life experiences.

Kick-starting the exhibition are selected artists from Vietnam, India, Pakistan, South Africa and Malta, alongside a group of in-house artists who represent the UAE.

"Each artist adds a contemporary spin to the Art For All exhibition. Displayed through their unique styles, mediums and techniques, Art For All promises to be another first in Art Couture’s book of firsts," continues Richards

Katherine Wood - South Africa

The artwork of Katherine Wood can possibly best be summed up as “abstract imaginings”. Her art evokes a sense of another reality or perhaps a reality that is relative to the individual viewer.

Woods abstract canvases are a battleground of manipulated and scraped textures that evoke a sense of layers and depth questioning the idea of what lies beneath and beyond.

Lan Nguyen Stanley – Vietnam

Lan began painting when she was 12 years old and specialized in Graphic Arts from The Fine Arts University of Hanoi. Her medium is acrylics and oils and etching prints. Her subjects are scenes from her homeland and its people and customs. She seeks to evoke emotions common to people regardless of nationality.

Nargis Ahsan - Pakistan

Nargis is a self-taught Dubai-based artist from Pakistan. Her adoration for horses built up from childhood leading her to pursue her passion of painting horses. She went under the patronage of Pakistan's great masters and discovered her true inner artist. She experiments with different abstract styles of transformation and the concept of psychedelic tension to create illusions and fantasies. This has added an entirely new dimension to her earlier realistic horse paintings.

Manisha Gawade – India

Manisha is a Dubai based artist who has been trained in various painting techniques.

An extensive traveller, the multiple experiences from her journeys come through in her work as it resounds with hues that are awash with the dazzle of the desert or the pinnacle of the mountain.

In some of her other works she explores the multi-dimensional aspects of interpersonal interactions cutting across gender lines. The works are marked with an eclectic choice of colours and interesting textures that set her work apart. Not hide bound by various ‘isms’, she has the courage of conviction to develop her own pedagogy to give form to her expression.

Stephanie Borg – Malta

Stephanie is a self taught artist and graphic designer. Her professional practice as a graphic designer for 20years both in Malta and overseas, has enabled her natural sensitivity and professional handling of colour and line to mature artistically.

Her living experiences in countries like the Sultanate of Oman, have directly influenced her work. Her depiction of the Omani people in their traditional attire proved to be very popular and encouraged the artist to create a series of greeting cards gift wrap paper and calendars,

Behnaz Ashraf - Iran

Behnaz is a creative Iranian artist born in 1977 in Tehran and living and working in Dubai, UAE. Ashraf is a professional graphic designer since 2001 and has worked on the art directing and printi