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3 Apr 2017 - 15 May 2017
About the exhibition:

An exhibition by Anna Galea (Malta) & Reta Richards (Canada)
Opening RSVP event: April 4, 2017 from 7pm-9pm
Venue: Art Couture at InterContinental, Dubai Festival City, Event Centre, Lobby Level
Exhibition ends: May 15, 2017

A tribute in honour of the great Georgia O’Keeffe - "Mother of American Modernism".
Georgia O’Keefe’s well known and loved collection of magnified flowers (Among other favourites) continues to mesmerize the world with exhibitions being held in Toronto and other parts of the world
celebrating 2016 as100 years from the date of her 1st debut solo exhibition in 1916.

With the unstable weather conditions what could be a better spring / summer refresh than to say it with Flowers and so Art Couture brings you an exhibition of larger than life flowers. Two mature artists,
with two distinctly different styles, paint the same subject but, in their own uniquely developed individual signature styles. Expect to see big, large flowers in different varying mediums from water colours,
inks and acrylics to mixed media and oils. From the realistic to the abstract representational and a mix of both there is sure to be something that interests you.
Through this exhibition we hope to lift your spirits bring your attention & appreciation back to nature & to the simple beauty, joy and wonder of flowers.
Ralph Waldo Emerson - Earth Laughs in Flowers.

About the Artist Anna Galea- Malta

Anna Galea - is an artist from the island of Malta. She has been painting and exhibiting her works for the past thirty years. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in History of Art and Archeology (2009) and
a Master’s Degree in Creativity and Innovation (2013) from the Edward de Bono Institute of Thinking, University of Malta.

Anna Galea is renowned mainly for her large still life watercolours and abstractions. She paints in various mediums but her passion lies in watercolour. She is also inclined towards life figure drawing
and plein air painting and has exhibited her artwork extensively across Europe and the Middle East. Her next planned major exhibition is in New York in July/August 2017.
Anna’s paintings have featured in books of the highly acclaimed ‘International Artist’ publishers of USA, on telephone cards, calendars, book covers, books and other publications.
Prestigious prizes include First Prize in the National Art Competition (Malta) in 2003, Best Watercolour Award (British RA) in 1998, the Silver Palette Competition (twice) in 2002 & 2004.
Her works can be found in various private collections of art connoisseurs, in palaces, museums, banks and offices.

Artist’s statement:
“With watercolour I am fascinated by the translucency and vibrancy of this favorite medium of mine - watercolour empowers me to play with light… and colour… and shadow… detail… and blurred abstraction.
With oils and acrylic I find I express myself differently - my art seems to struggle to emerge from a dark ground to interact with the viewer.”- Anna Galea
In this exhibition at Art Couture, Anna Galea is showing a celebration of floral paintings that give visitors the opportunity to relate with her artist statements.

Below a write up that best describes the artist & her style

By Prof. Mario Buhagiar, Ph.D(Lond.), University of Malta, November 2010.
“Anna is an artist whom you cannot help not loving. The warm lyrical appeal, verging on the idyllic, of her water colours, has in it a touch of the magical that has a dream-like quality about it.
Perhaps the first thing that strikes you when you first come into contact with her work is the spontaneity of her response to nature.

“What is so special about her is the fact that she has never lost her freshness. In this lie her magic and her perennial zest for the beautiful.

“It is all to her credit that that she has managed, and superbly so, to exploit the gifts with which nature endowed her. She has never looked back. Has never stagnated . She has been all the time developing.
A look around you cannot but impress you by the breath of her vision. We do not know what the future holds in store. Of one thing I am convinced. She still has a lot to surprise with.

“I now consider her one of our leading artists and an undisputed master of the watercolour medium, over which she has complete control and can play about with to achieve that sparkle of magic
that accounts for the irresistibly beautiful quality that hallmarks her work. Anna’s paintings are a joy to live with. Her flower and luscious leafs have for me a fragrant appeal.
She knows how to interpret natural forms with a photographic eye that nonetheless manages to steer clear of the clinical and is always seeped in poetry.”

About the Artist Reta Richards - Canada
Reta is a very diverse artist with many styles to define her.
With a BFA degree she started out following all the rules and painting in a realistic style until she found it was more fun making your own rules or having no rules at all. This is when she began using mixed media
and her art developed an abstract representational angle that she continues to follow and develop into new and innovative styles.
Flowers have always been a favourite with her. She started out painting them in watercolours in a very realistic form to begin with but since the last 25 years her style has changed and her flower collections have
a more fluid, free flowing almost fresh & alive energy in abstraction.
Reta too is recognized for her large abstract ink & mixed media flowers- bursts of colour flowing into each other to form flowers - a collection which she continues to add to through the years.
Her art is enjoyed by people in different parts of the world and has made so many people happy - pushing her to find new, unconventional ways of redefining the nature of her flowers as she sees them
in her mind’s eye. An element of the Japanese aesthetic too is visible in her ink & mixed media fowers.

Artist’s Statement:
“Flowers can always make me happy, so I paint flowers as I see them, and hope, wherever they hang, happiness lingers.” By Reta Richards