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I AM WHO I AM - A Mawaheb & Art Couture collaborative exhibition
18 Apr 2015 - 2 May 2015
Art Couture / Mawaheb - April 2015 Art Exhibition - I am who I am
A Mawaheb exhibition in collaboration with Art Couture
Date: April 18 to May 2, 2015 RSVP opening event (Free) April 18th from 3-5pm Free Viewing: Daily 10am- 10pm
Art & Coffee morning at Art Couture: Meet the Mawaheb Artists April 25, 2015 11am -1pm Fee AED 50 Venue: Art Couture at Al Badia Golf Club, InterContinental, Dubai Festival City, Dubai UAE. Tee Lounge (In the Golf Club)
About the exhibition: 'I AM WHO I AM'
Mawaheb - from Beautiful People, Dubai, the only art studio for adults and young people with special needs, in collaboration with Art Couture is opening a new exhibition - I am who I am on Saturday 18th April at Art Couture at the Al Badia Golf Club, Dubai.
Through the eyes and brushes of these uniquely talented artists, the exhibition explores issues of identity and representation, inspired by the iconic contemporary New York artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat. The Mawaheb artists researched Basquiats work including his collaborations with Andy Warhol and Madonna. His emotive images still inspire worldwide audiences, challenging us to look at the multiple issues of culture, identity and race with a critical eye and open mind. It is these penetrating motifs which struck a chord at the Mawaheb studios. Alex Loveday an artist at Mawaheb says 'We are always trying to fit in, trying so hard to be what people want us to be, and on the way we sometimes lose our own identity.
One of my favourite Basquiat quotes is, believe it or not I can draw People didn't believe Basquiat could draw because he was different and painted in a different way.
We are seen different and sometimes people assume we can't do things, but we can! The I am who I am exhibition has helped all of us at Mawaheb to have the courage to find our voice and express it through our paintings, we can't wait to show the people of Dubai.
Gulshan Kavarana principle art teacher and mentor at Mawaheb studios says, 'Our artists have profound things to say about themselves and their place in the world, messages which are often unseen and unheard. Using Basquiats life story and aesthetic to inspire, they have produced some extraordinarily empowering art works. Through these paintings you can't help but be moved by their vision of a world where acceptance for being who they are is a human right and not just a dream.
'Our job at Mawaheb is to give the artists a platform to show their work and give our community here in the UAE an opportunity to invest and celebrate the depth and quality of the students creative achievements' says Wemmy de Maaker, Managing Director of Mawaheb from Beautiful People.
'I am who I am is Mawahebs third annual exhibition at Art Couture. It gives Art Couture great pleasure to congratulate the Mawaheb students on their continued growth and development into true artists in their own right. They are an example to the world that anything is possible for anyone through persistence, belief and heart' says Cynthia Richards of Art Couture.