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Nature against War- artist Maja Poljak
19 Sep 2018 - 30 Oct 2018
PRESS RELEASE September 19, 2018
News from Art Couture in collaboration with Holiday Inn Dubai Festival City
Subject: Exhibition – ‘NATURE AGAINST WAR’ by Serbian Artist Maja Poljak
Exhibition runs from: Sept 19, 2018 - Oct 30, 2018.
Venue: Holiday Inn Dubai Festival City, Mezzanine Floor
Viewing: Daily Free viewing 10am -10pm (Art on the Bridge connecting the Holiday Inn to Dubai Festival City)

Ever since the early 1990’s, Maja’s home country Yugoslavia had been experiencing growing turmoil. The subsequent years of war greatly influenced her work and her life. She graduated from the ‘Fine Arts Academy’ in 2004 gaining a Major in Painting. However, supporting herself, using her artistic painting skills, proved more and more difficult. Moving overseas broadened Maja horizons and opportunities.
Maja first moved to Bahrain in the Middle East, during 2005, where she built a reputation for herself and successfully sold her artworks to Bahraini and European clients. She subsequently moved to Abu Dhabi, UAE during 2006 where she continues on her artistic journey. Maja has participated in numerous Serbian and International solo and group exhibitions.

“Ever since moving to the UAE the Middle Eastern culture began to influence my painting and since then I have developed through my painting an expressive style, reflective of many influences.
Drawing on my childhood memories and parental guidance I have furthered my passion for nature and the ‘Burdock flower’. To me this flower symbolizes the strengths I used to override the brutality of war. Capturing through my art the dignified beauty of this ordinary wayside flower gave me a sense of protection and defense against the fear often experienced during war.
Subsequently in developing my painting style finds my internal world blending with outside elements, coalesced together, so they coexist in an ongoing narrative.
Through my art, I am trying to connect my inner world with the outside reality, in a dialogue with a far bigger intention…”
ART CRITTIQUE- by Bratislav Bata Ljubisic) Serbian Art Critic
Maja Poljak is a determined artist, generous with paint. Using the mixed
media, she achieves an explosion which invades all art spaces. Will the
observers notice the thistle in the painting, or will they be content with
the impression that they get from colors? Those are derivatives naturally,
under layers and passages, complex approaches, yet Maja leaves no one
indifferent. It is interesting how she conceptualizes a painting: there can
be dozens of tiny pieces that constitute a greater whole, or they can be
perceived individually too. The technique is similar to postmodern
pointillism, but much more magnified. Of course, there are also singular
surfaces where expressiveness imposes itself immensely. All in all,
worthy of praise.
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